Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture Journal of the Painting Process

Here are the pictures I promised of the house while it was being painted yesterday.

The living room with the furniture from the master bedroom.

The kitchen with stuff from the master bedroom and guest room.  And paint.

The hallway with our headboard from our bed.  I was glad for the opportunity to dust it off in detail.

The guest room as it was being painted.

Another angle on the guest room.

The master bedroom being painted. Do you see the transient stereo from the corner? We totally had a salsa manana.

The master bedroom once it was finished.

Our nice, clean hallway.  We haven't finished painting it yet- that's our project for tonight.

The finished guest room.  I am so happy with it!

I also want to add, just in case I didn't mention it yet, that the process of sorting, packing, cleaning, and preparing these two rooms was taken on by The Man himself: my wonderful husband, David.  He rocks!


Carrie said...

Looks great! ...Where were you sleeping while your bed was disassembled?

Cris said...

They came at 8 in the morning and were finished shortly after 2, so we didn't need to sleep while they were here. They took our bed apart and put it back together for us! :) I did take a short nap in my office chair, though. I don't know quite how it happened, I was awake one minute and then waking up the next....