Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Cats vs. Dogs

This is a very popular subject of debate. Which is better, a dog or a cat?

Imagine what a cat would be like as a person. Talk about jerks. As soon as they wanted something from you, like recognition, a compliment, borrowing your car, sleeping in your bed, taking over the government.... They would be so nice and sweet, and then as soon as they got what they wanted, you'd get the shaft. Big time. They would be the biggest egomaniacs ever.

On the other hand, what would dogs be like if they joined the world of the two-legged? They would be a regular psychotic. Have you ever seen a dog just start barking for no reason whatsoever? As a person, they would be the schizophrenic who just sits, staring out the window, then randomly turn around and start screaming things like, "Hey. Hey! HEY HEY HEY!!! Someone talk to me! Talk to me talk to me talk to me!!!!!!" Kind of like a middle schooler on IM.

Just a thought.