Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Been A While

I'm now 28 weeks pregnant. Friday will be 29. And I swear, this little guy moves CONSTANTLY. He is almost never still. Unless, of course, David puts his hand on my stomach to feel him. Then he is perfectly still.

Things have been going so-so. I had my 28-week appointment, with an ultrasound, last Thursday. They told me the baby is breech, and the doctor made a joke about how if he doesn't turn we will be using the Scalpel method instead of the Bradley method. I was fine until about a day later, and then I FREAKED. Of course, all the while assuring all my facebook friends that I was just fine and not worried at all. On Sunday night I stressed myself out about it so much that I had a contraction. And it was so PAINFUL.

So, I've been working on relaxing more. Also, I've been trying to prepare myself for how this might turn out if he doesn't turn and get in a good, head-down position. Today I contacted a chiropractor who is trained in the Webster technique, which is supposed to help align things and make it easier for baby to get in the correct position. Hopefully they will call me tomorrow and I can make an appointment. Also, I talked to a wonderful lady today about being my doula. She is going to come to my house to interview with us a week from tomorrow. She reassured me that the baby has plenty of time still, and if he doesn't flip then she knows a good doctor who is willing to deliver breech babies. I really hope this baby decides to cooperate, because this back-up plan doctor is about an hour away. But trust me, I WILL be driving an hour if it means I could avoid a C-section.

David's parents came to visit for the ultrasound last Thursday. We had a great time, and I was super glad that they came. While they were here we introduced them to Greek food. We went to a Mediterrranean buffet for lunch on Thursday, and then that night I cooked chicken gyros at home. I was in the midst of a serious, serious craving for gyros. I'm over it now, but it was delicious while it lasted.