Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adding to the Family

We're Adopting!

David and I have been in talks for awhile now about the idea of allowing God to grow our family through adoption as well as through natural means. I've always kind of liked the idea, but David wasn't too sure about it until a few months ago.  He said he had an experience that felt like God-guided "coincidences" calling out to him from the heavens about it. (Or something like that- this is my blog, so I get to poeticize reality as I see fit.... lol)

So, in May we went to an informational meeting, and got info on a dozen adoption agencies in the area.  We spent June looking through the list of agencies and descriptions, looking up their websites, and discussing which one matched our values and needs. Then, in July we began attending the certification classes at our chosen agency.  August we took a break from all of it, and now this Friday we will be going to our next class.  We have three classes left, plus CPR certification, and then we have to go through the fire and safety inspections and the home study.  Once all of that is done, then we just have to wait for a child become available, and we have no idea how long that will take.  In a way, I feel all the excitement of pregnancy, but I don't have a due date. 

There is so much else I would love to share and write about.  So much has been going on lately! It's kind of overwhelming thinking about trying to do it justice through the sometimes-inadequate written word. Suffice to say that things have been going really well for us, and we have been enjoying life quite a bit as of late.  David and I have been learning a lot from both God and each other, and fall more in love every day.  God has given us wonderful friends and family, who fill our lives with so much joy, and we feel soundly blessed.