Monday, February 21, 2011

Joy in the Home

Today I have felt joyful! There is a peace in my soul, and I know that it is because God is working.  His plan for us is rocking along, and I pray every day for my will to be more in line with His will for me. 

Also, my wonderful husband is working.  Not working, as in he hasn't had a job in a while and now he has one, but working as in doing spiritual and emotional work, transforming daily more and more into a Warrior of God and king of my castle.  He went on a retreat this past weekend, and he came back a different man.  He came into our home loaded with conviction and motivation, and lots of good ideas for making our home and family better.  I have been supporting his decisions and following his lead, and man, do I wish I had given him the reins sooner.  He is such a passionate, wonderful man, and has just been full of wisdom.  I know that the Spirit is leading him, and he is doing such a good job of listening, obeying, and then sharing the results with me.

I am joyful because I know God is with us.  I am happy because I feel I am living for a great purpose.  I am joyful because I know I am so loved by God, and He is showing me this more and more through the love and effort of my husband.

Also, I am happy because David shaved his goatee off this morning and looks soooo handsome! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Handsome Man

I just found this picture on my phone of my wonderful husband.  I took this pic in March of 2007 when we were helping my brother-in-law move just before he and my sister were married.  I thought my David just looked so young and handsome, so I decided to share it with everyone! 

Today I was down another half a pound.  I attribute my recent dietary success to soup- it's filling and very low in points!  I am now down 26 pounds since December.  I had to go buy new workout pants last week because my old ones were falling off of me (even after taking 6 inches of tucks in the waist....).  Now they are just about the only pants I wear, since I hate tight jeans and my original jeans won't stay on. After I lose another five pounds or so I can start comfortably wearing my jeans in the next size down (and I'll be frolicking down memory lane to 2007).

Tonight I am having my family over to celebrate my sister's birthday.  Her actual birthday was back in January, but at the time half of my family was sick with this year's version of the plague.  So, we are celebrating it now.  I think that I might make some chili and homemade bread and cupcakes.  She requested an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, so that will be the center-piece of the evening.  But you can never have too much cake, can you?  I was thinking some confetti cupcakes with buttercream icing would go along with the ice cream cake quite well!  I think I will also serve some fruit with a mascarpone cheese/ honey mixture for topping.  And I am very sure that other people will be bringing all kinds of things to eat as well, so I'm sure there will be enough.

Last night David was out of town for a church men's retreat.  I am so happy that he has made so many friends, and has the opportunity to be mentored by so many wonderful men.  He and I have both been blessed so richly!  I went to a get-together at my friend Barbie's house last night, and there were lots of neat ladies/friends from church there too.  Lots of talk about cooking, babies, and pregnancy. Something must be in the water at my church because it seems like all of my friends eith have a young baby or are about to have one.  It gives me plenty of inspiration to lose the weight so I can join the club.

That's all I have time for now.  I have to head to the store and pick up some last-minute ingredients for this afternoon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is one of those days where you know you should eat something, but nothing sounds good except something from McDonald's.  So, you fix one of your normal favorites and just hope it seems more appetizing once it's served.

According to the Wii, I am now down 25 pounds since the beginning of December, and about 35 pounds since my heaviest weight in the last 3 years.  I have been on a plateau for the last week or so (a little birdie might try to tell on me about some Valentine's chocolates and an ill-fated batch of Dunkin Donuts, but don't listen. Silly little bird...). But, this morning, I finally broke through!! I have been swimming the last two days at the gym, and I've progressed to 120 laps in just under 90 minutes.  I am proud of my progress!

Aside from the weight loss journey, things are really looking up around here.  My husband is still wonderful.  We are still enjoying one another greatly, and spending our at-home hours in companionable peace (for the most part).  In the evenings we have been watching a couple tv shows together, then reading together.  He reads aloud, and I cross-stitch.  I am working on a picture of a little girl angel in a flower garden right now.  He has been reading me "The Gospel According to Jesus" by John MacArthur.  It is truly a classic.  I'll have to write more later, I'm out of time for now.