Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is one of those days where you know you should eat something, but nothing sounds good except something from McDonald's.  So, you fix one of your normal favorites and just hope it seems more appetizing once it's served.

According to the Wii, I am now down 25 pounds since the beginning of December, and about 35 pounds since my heaviest weight in the last 3 years.  I have been on a plateau for the last week or so (a little birdie might try to tell on me about some Valentine's chocolates and an ill-fated batch of Dunkin Donuts, but don't listen. Silly little bird...). But, this morning, I finally broke through!! I have been swimming the last two days at the gym, and I've progressed to 120 laps in just under 90 minutes.  I am proud of my progress!

Aside from the weight loss journey, things are really looking up around here.  My husband is still wonderful.  We are still enjoying one another greatly, and spending our at-home hours in companionable peace (for the most part).  In the evenings we have been watching a couple tv shows together, then reading together.  He reads aloud, and I cross-stitch.  I am working on a picture of a little girl angel in a flower garden right now.  He has been reading me "The Gospel According to Jesus" by John MacArthur.  It is truly a classic.  I'll have to write more later, I'm out of time for now.

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