Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary

to my parents! I've been thinking about my Mom a lot lately. Time has not made things much easier.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Update

In one sense, a lot has been going on. In another sense, nothing has been going on.

Some moments I feel like I want to cherish these last few weeks before our baby comes bustling into our world and changes our family dynamic forever. The very next moment I wish I could just blink and it all be over NOW, and be able to finally just look back on this time period with a sigh of relief that we made it, and it's all okay.

Baby is still (as far as I can tell) hanging out in breech position. We were 31 weeks along yesterday. Many people have told me that some babies stay breech until the last possible minute, then turn within a week/day/hour/minute of delivery. I am hoping that for my peace of mind this isn't one of those babies. I hope he decides to go ahead and turn sooner rather than later. I have been really stressed about it all. Baby has been so far unimpressed with all methods of persuading him to turn. He has his own mind and timetable, thank you very much!

One of the nice things lately, though, is all the support and encouragement I have received from friends. Two of my wonderful friends have been over to visit in the last week, and I was really blessed and uplifted getting to see them.

I got to go get my first pregnancy massage yesterday, and it was so, SO wonderful. The best part was that our health insurance covered it completely! Our budget has been pretty strained for the last three months or so, so I haven't really indulged in too much pampering. Our house flooded over New Year's while we were out of town, and so we had the whole house repainted, patched, and had new flooring put in. And we got new living room furniture. We spent 44 nights in a hotel. And of course, as is the situation with allllll house projects, things did not go or turn out exactly to my liking. Plus my pregnancy hormones and emotions were in complete overdrive. I feel like crying and destroying a pillow over the littlest things. We still have to settle out the final payment with the painting contractor, and I seriously hope that I do not have to see his face. I spent an entire afternoon crying over our new couches- they don't look like the same shade inside our house as they did in the store. It's tragic. (at least it was to me, in the moment.)

All that to say that we are tight on money, and I am very glad to have good insurance so I can still get an occasional pregnancy massage- something that is a definite benefit and blessing, that I am not entitled to at all. So many women go through pregnancy with so much harder circumstances!

We have another doctor appointment with our current OB this coming Thursday (the 21st). We are going to wait until after this sonogram to go for a consult with another OB- I'm pretty sure we are going to switch doctors, I just wanted to get the sono first and see how/what the baby is doing. I'm also hoping to get a 3d face shot of the baby :)   At this point I am feeling like I need to find an OB who is willing to attempt a breech delivery naturally just in case the baby doesn't decide to turn. (But I definitely want to have an OB as opposed to a midwife just in case for whatever reason I *need* a C-section).