Monday, November 15, 2010

Long Time No See

Wow, it has been a while since I posted!  A lot has been going on.  October was so so busy for me because every weekend was something different- the first weekend was my 27th birthday, spent out of town for a women's get-away with ladies from my church.  The second weekend was spent having birthday parties- one for family, and one with a couple families from church.  Then, the third weekend was the True Woman conference in Ft. Worth.  It was fabulous! It made for some long days, though, since my friend and I drove over early in the morning and didn't get back home until after 11 each night.  Then, the weekend after that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law Amie came and visited.  That was a blast- we went out to eat at a coupe of different restaurants, went shopping at IKEA, and did a lot of visiting.  I was excited for them to get to see the finished version of my house in person! Then, the weekend after that was Halloween weekend, and David and I just relaxed and hung out, and watched some movies.  We're not really fans of Halloween, so we just hid from the trick-or-treaters (Although it was kind of fun to peek out the blinds at the cute babies in costumes. One family actually came up to our darkened doorway, and I saw a very cute little pink ballerina fairy.). We don't want to do Halloween when we do have kids, so David wants to start creating our family habits now.  I love that he is thinking ahead- I have a man with vision! :)

Also, I have been keeping plenty busy with doing homework for BSF and another Bible study I go to with my very good friend Anne, plus prepping for the kindergarten Sunday School class that I teach at my church.  The last couple weeks I have been illustrating my own flip-books to use in class, and that has taken quite a bit of time. Plus, I've been doing my best to organize and clean my house, and keep a certain black-and-white housecat out of trouble.  Lately she's been fixated on trying to eat my rubber plant.

One of my big goals lately has been to get my house more organized and to raise the baseline on how clean it is in general.  I would like to get it where everything has a place, and gets put there when we're finished using it.

I was talking to Anne a few days ago about how I felt that now that I am 27, it's probably about time for me to start being an adult, and stop indulging myself with skipping chores and such. I've also noticed that whenever I get things accomplished during the day, my level of contentment is significantly increased. And folks, I am all about my contentment levels increasing!

One thing that has been hard, though, about organizing closets is running into items that you know you will never use ever again, but you remember liking it at one time, and there's sentimental value, and while you have it in your grubby little hands you enjoy it so much that all you want to do is let it continue to sit in a little dark box in a little dark corner of a little dark closet, since you can't bear the idea of throwing it out, and you can't give it away because it wouldn't have any value to anyone else.... *sigh*  I will probably end up taking those things to Goodwill anyhow, just so I'm not the one placing it in the trash can.  Although, some of the items might actually end up having some value to someone.  I'll let them decide.

Gotta go- cat is playing with electrical appliances.  And the rubber tree is in her sights too.