Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My New Dog

Ok, so Sadie never came back. Very very sad. I still look for her every time I hear a big dog bark.

But, the upside is that I now have a new dog! Her name is Ginger. She is a red Australian Shepherd (actually she is more of a honeyed brown color, but officially that is called "red"). She is the cutest, fluffiest thing. I think I will only have Australian Shepherds as dogs from now on. She is such a good, sweet dog. I love her!

This morning I had a very novel experience. David bought me a bike recently. I love it, too. We had a deal that if I kept the food budget below 600 dollars in January, then at the beginning of February he would be a bike that I have been asking for for over a year now. So, I actually kept the food budget down to about 450 dollars in January, and now I have my bike. I haven't taken pictures of it yet, but when I do, I will post them.

So, this morning, I was about to take a little ride on my beautiful new bike, and Ginger was in the backyard having a fit. Apparently she is under the impression that every time the garage door opens she is supposed to get to come out and see us. She loves to do that, and a lot of times, if she is insistent enough, we let her. So, she was barking and barking, and I felt guilty, so I decided to see if she and the bike would mesh well. They did. She had the best time! It's the first time that she has gotten to run on an outing around the neighborhood. She didn't really have any fear of the bicycle, so it worked quite well. Now, when I take her out, I can spend some time coasting. That is very nice.

Ok, so in the other areas of my life there have been some changes as well. I now have an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Development. Hooray! Unfortunately, that does not mean that I am done at the Junior colleges. I have started at UNT this semester, but I still have 6 classes to take at the junior colleges, boo. At least the classes I am taking this semester are interesting. I am really liking my Linguistics class. I was told by several people beforehand that it was a super-hard class to take, but I have found the material very interesting so far.

Ok, so enjoy the pics of my sweet dog! Later!