Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pining for some Good Literature

Ok, so I have just finished reading the second book of the Eragon Trilogy, Eldest. I know you must be thinking, "What is this you are speaking? You just said that you finished reading the first book on Friday, and the second book is over 600 pages long! Are you lying, or are you out of your mind?" My answer: neither. I just have a lot of time on my hands, and once I start reading a book that I'm at least mildly interested in, it's practically impossible for me to put it down. I think I might be a little obsessive-compulsive about it. I lose all sense of time and space, and become so totally immersed in the book I'm reading that nothing else even pricks my consciousness. And then, when I read the last page, I feel desolate. I feel thirsty for more, and antsy because there is no more to read at the moment. And why, you ask, shouldn't I just pick up another book and read it, or even reread the first book? Because it just wouldn't be the same.

So for now I am doomed to wander aimlessly around my house, wishing I was curled up with a good book, and shooing my bothersome cats away from whatever their current life-threatening pursuit is. Usually for Trinket it is chewing on electrical cords, and for Gizmo, chewing on Trinket while she is chewing the electrical cords.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Funny Cats and A Crappy Movie

Okay, I'm really tired, but I just have to post about something before I go to bed tonight. I went to see the movie Eragon tonight with my wonderful husband who I love so much, and I was sorely disappointed with it. You see, a week ago I bought the book to read while I was in California with David. I was hesitant about reading t at first because I thought it would be a cheap knock-off of the Harry Potter genre, but I was wrong. It was an entertaining read. I could tell that the writer of the novel was young and inexperienced, but it was still largely captivating and amusing. Then I went to see the movie. Whoever wrote the screenplay and directed that movie didn't read the book. If they did, then they need to be either blacklisted or shot, whichever is worse. Probably shot, because then there would be a 100 percent guarantee that they would never disgrace another literary work again. The movie was choppily put together, all action, and zero storyline. I left the theater unfulfilled as a viewer. If you had never read the book, then you would probably assume that the book it was taken from was a 10-page pop-up book.

Ok, now for the funny cats. I hvae been watching my hilarious cats for the last ten minutes while they tried to figure out a solution to Trinket's recent predicament. She deliberately put one of her jingle balls into her water bowl. You know how I know? Because the first time David took it out for her. Then I watched her deliberately pick it up in her mouth, walk back over to the bowl and drop it in again. So, now we are just watching to see how she fixes her own problem. Gizmo is addicted to trying to get it out. She just can't leave it alone. You know what her method of choice is? Bobbing for it like children bob for apples on Halloween. It's a plastic ball, so it's floating on the surface of the water, but the water is deep enough that Gizmo can't get her teeth around it without dunking her nose in the water. And every time her nose comes into contact with the water it surprises her. You would think that after the second time she snorted water up her nose she would catch on. And Trinket is just sitting on the sideline, watching with glee as her sister alternates between dunking and sneezing. I have to go intervene before Gizmo drowns.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Feeling Better

Okay, everyone, sorry for that brief lapse of depression. I'm feeling much better now. Today I woke up, opened my eyes, and thought "Hmmm.... What is this I am feeling? I no longer feel like jumping off of something tall! I feel Happy! Oh so happy!"

So now it's time to catch up on everything I haven't talked about in a while. The pets are all doing good. The last couple of days I've had people come over and work on my yard (it was in an atrocious state of disrepair) and Sadie and Buster have been thrilled to have company. I think that they would be tickled pink if I invited someone new over for the specific purpose of throwing a ball for them a couple times a day. It's not that they are deprived of attention, it's that they get so ecstatic when someone newwill play with them.

Gizmo and Trinket are also doing well. Trinket has gotten much more vocal these last couple of days. Whenever I let her out of her bedroom in the mornings she "meh"s and chirps at me for about 10 minutes straight, and wants me to sit on the bed with her and pet her. Then she's done, and she's ready to go do something different. Gizmo is also happy, for once. She worked up to about three good moods a day, where she wants to be cuddled, and will purr while you hold/pet her. I know that the atmosphere of my house has changed for the better since my cats have stopped despising my presence. We'll see how they feel after David's and my upcoming trip to California.

Which brings me to my next piece of news- David and I are going to California! We are going to go together this time! Normally, he takes a trip to California every couple of months and stays for two or three days. This time he is going for 4 days, so I am going with him. Yay! I love to go to California!

And as far as school goes- I am a star!!! I got a 112 on my lab final for biology! I am awesome! That means that I got every question right, and all the bonus questions right! Hooray! I don't know yet what I made on my math final, but I am expecting an A or a B in that class. I got mid-As in both of my online courses. The only final I have left is my Biology lecture final, and that one is on Monday at noon. I have high hopes for getting a 100 on that one too.

I think that is pretty much everything I know for now.