Monday, February 21, 2011

Joy in the Home

Today I have felt joyful! There is a peace in my soul, and I know that it is because God is working.  His plan for us is rocking along, and I pray every day for my will to be more in line with His will for me. 

Also, my wonderful husband is working.  Not working, as in he hasn't had a job in a while and now he has one, but working as in doing spiritual and emotional work, transforming daily more and more into a Warrior of God and king of my castle.  He went on a retreat this past weekend, and he came back a different man.  He came into our home loaded with conviction and motivation, and lots of good ideas for making our home and family better.  I have been supporting his decisions and following his lead, and man, do I wish I had given him the reins sooner.  He is such a passionate, wonderful man, and has just been full of wisdom.  I know that the Spirit is leading him, and he is doing such a good job of listening, obeying, and then sharing the results with me.

I am joyful because I know God is with us.  I am happy because I feel I am living for a great purpose.  I am joyful because I know I am so loved by God, and He is showing me this more and more through the love and effort of my husband.

Also, I am happy because David shaved his goatee off this morning and looks soooo handsome! :)

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