Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Good Day

Today has been another good day.  I've been continuing to work on the house today, but not until after a nice, long trip to the dentist.  I was going to go over and visit with Shayce and Kylie for awhile today, however God had other plans for me.  Mom had taken the girls over to her church for a women's luncheon, so they weren't at home when I drove by.  So, I ended up coming on back home instead.

The dentist went really well.  I got a nice, long back massage from the dentist chair, cuddled warm and snug under a heated blanket, with my own little personal TV screen complete with headphones and the remote control.  My dentist gave my lips a nice coating of vaseline so they were moist and comfortable, then got to work.  The cleaning wasn't too bad- only a couple of minor painful spots, which is worlds different from the last visit, where my gums were angry with me for three days afterwards.  Although last time they used plenty of numbing gel so I didn't feel a thing.  This time she just told me to be a big girl and take it.  Nicely, of course.

Then when I was leaving, it started raining.  Then storming, with lots of thunder and lightning. Then a downpour.  Then hailing- pea and lima bean sized hail. Then, after about 5 minutes, it stopped hailing and dropped off to a medium rain shower.  Absolutely amazing.  There wasn't any major damage to my car, just a couple of nicks in the windshield.  Although I will admit that I didn't stand out in the rain to inspect the rest of the car, either.  So there may be some dents that I missed in my passing glance.

So, after driving by my brother's house and seeing it empty, I headed home.  Thankfully it wasn't raining anymore by then, and traffic was a breeze.  Once I got home, I worked on the dishes for about 5 minutes, then decided to take a twenty minute nap.  That stretched into a nice, luxuriant 2.5 hour nap.  My bed and I apparently needed some bonding time.

The good part, though, is that when I did wake up, I had a burst of energy and productivity for the next 2 hours, and got a lot of dishes done.  And packed up some bedding and pillows.  Yay for me!

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