Saturday, March 20, 2010

Continuing House Renovation

Well, it's time for an update on everything going on at El Casa.  We have finally finished putting the kitchen back together, including painting the new wall, scrubbing the floor, and then putting the stove back in.  It looks really pretty now.  The beginning of this week was not so productive because I came down with the stomach ick on Monday evening and only began feeling back to normal yesterday.  The good thing is that I finally got to catch up on my rest, and I lost 6 pounds in 3 days.  Plus, David was able to focus only on his work, which helped him to get a lot done on his job without the added stress of doing house repairs after getting home in the evening.  Note to self: it's okay to take a night off every now and then.  Our marriage has gotten a lot of benefits from taking it easy for a couple of days.  And, I gained some new insight and learned some things about being a partner and helpmeet without torturing those I'm working with.  Thank you God for teaching me.

Anyway, I was feeling better yesterday, so Mom and Dad came back down and helped us get back on track with our home improvements.  Who knew that selling a house could be so much work?  Certainly not I, apparently.  Last night we finished touching up the kitchen, including nailing the trim back onto the edge of the cabinets along the floor, putting down new contact paper in all the drawers and cabinets, installing a new door on the back of the garage (it needed one since we had some very bored little furbabies in the backyard who believe that shredding a wooden door is soooooo much fun), and power-washing the outside of the house.  Plus, I cooked a very nice dinner for every one, served on the finest paper plates (sort of- more like the cheapest possible that would withstand dinner).  We had chicken lasagna, fresh fruit- oranges, bananas, nectarines, and pineapple, cajun mixed vegetables, and dinner rolls.  Plus chocolate chip cookies and hot mochas for dessert.  I feed my helpers well.  Then, while Mom and David finished putting the final touches on the cabinets, I helped get Dad up-to-date on the awesomeness of "Big Bang Theory" (the TV show- I know, the name is unfortunate, but the show is hilarious) thanks to my wonderful TiVo, and kept everyone current on their hot drink, dessert, and medicinal ointment needs (there were several boo-boos).

The yard is looking pretty fantastic now, since our new yard guys came last weekend and took care of fallen branches, leaves, trimming, and edging.  It was sooooooo worth it.  Our house is looking almost brand new on the outside now.  I absolutely love using the power-washer.  That thing is just so cool and fun to use.  I love being able to blast away dirt and grime that have been there for ages, and seeing how pretty things look afterwards.  I wish I could just use it on the inside of my house too.  I could clean the whole thing in a few hours that way.  Hmmmmmmmm. Too bad.

Today Dad came back down and is helping put new floor down in the bathroom.  I am so, so excited about that.  I have been waiting for four and a half years- ever since Gizmo was a kitten and chipped several of the bathroom tiles sharpening her claws in protest of being locked in the bathroom- to put down new floor.  I feel so lucky and blessed that we are finally getting all these repairs done.  The difference after just having the bathroom sink fixed is amazing.  It is ridiculous how much bigger the house feels now that we have two working sinks.

Anyway, Dad and David are putting the new floor down in the bathroom today.  It's ending up being a fairly complicated process, since the wood floor underneath the tile had a lot of water damage from the leaky sink.  Dad and David are gone to Home Depot right now buying more wood to put down, and then once that is done the new flooring is a fairly simple process- just peel and stick.  It will probably be more complicated than I am anticipating, but isn't it always? ;) 

We are also planning on painting the new door on the garage tonight, so that project will be completely finished after that.  Then, if we have time, we might do a little more painting on the inside of the house.

Here are some pictures of our projects so far:

Mom, Dad and David

Dad and David putting in the sheetrock

Mom holding the trim for the bottom of the cabinets, and a view of what our living room looked like with stuff in the process of being sorted, packed, and loaded into the car.  Plus, the kitchen drawers on the coffe table waiting to be lined with our new contact paper.

The culprits of the destroyed back door.

Mom putting the new contact paper into the drawers.

The kitchen cabinets with new contact paper in them.

The kitchen wall now that the stove cabinets, and counter are back in place.

Our living room now that we are finished (sort of).

More of the living room and kitchen

Our kitchen table, all clean and happy.

The "Before" picture of the bathroom.

Dad, after putting the toilet into the tub and removing the tile.

Just in case you wondered if they had any fun....

David, gleeful after getting to play with tools and accomplish some demolition.  He's holding a piece of water-damaged flooring.  That's right- he did it all with his bare hands.  What a man!

Dad, with his plethora of tools.

Hard at work.

Prying the last bits of warped flooring out.

The destructed floor under the sink.

They are both having a blast.  Really.

I'll post more pics later when the status changes.  I'm looking forward to my beautiful new floor!

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