Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Step Closer

There has been so much accomplished in the last four days, and I wasn't even here to see most of it!  Amazing!

On Thursday I left for the churchwide women's retreat, and I had a great time.  I stayed Thursday night, Friday night, and then came back home on Saturday afternoon around 4.  David missed me quite a bit, I gather.

On Saturday morning, the contractors came to our house and put a new roof on it.  I wasn't here to see them do it, but I got to see the results and they did a fabulous job.  David supervised.  Plus, he also cleaned up and cleared out our bedroom and guestroom because this morning the contractors came back to repair some tiny waterspots on the ceiling and paint our bedroom and guestrooms.  The rest of the house that looked so so amazingly clean a few days ago are now cram-packed with the innards of the two rooms being painted.  At least the bathroom is still accessible, since we only have one.  And things would get kinda messy if it was off limits. ;)

Another big step that we took yesterday was looking at our final set of houses.  We only saw one that was likeable, but then I got a splinter from the railing in the stairway, so I had a grudge.  It was off the list.  My finger is still sore, and I'm not sure if I got all the splinter out.  It will be more apparent once the swelling goes down a little more, and as of now I am just keeping it doused in Neosporin.  My realtor's suggestion after I showed him my boo-boo was to smash one of my other fingers to get my mind off the splinter- you can tell that sympathy is his forte.  At least he was helpful for a laugh. 

And, an even bigger step that we took at the end of our house-looking yesterday was to take a second look at one of our favorites so far, and after giving it another look, we decided to make an offer.  We decided to go ahead and go for it because Greg (our realtor) had been contacted twice by the realtor selling that house and basically told him that the situation was highly open to negotiation on the price and closing date, and that the sellers were very motivated because they were closing on another house, ready to move out, and didn't want to have two mortgages at once.  I can understand their point of view, and I hope there is enough desperation in their hearts to accept the bid we gave.  Because we basically offered the exact amount that we could really afford to pay right now.

And we really like that house.  It's the perfect size, the layout is great, it has a nice yard (and a separate fenced-in sideyard with a patio!), it looks unique, and it is in a mature and safe neighborhood with lots of shade trees (David's particular caveat).  The only drawback in my opinion is that it's not quite as far north as we originally intended to get.  But, it's well within the distance from David's work that we had hoped for.  He'll only be about 12-15 minutes away from work now instead of 30-40 minutes.  That is, if they accept the offer.  And I'm hoping they will, but I'm also praying for the will of God to be done in all of this, and if you're reading this and wish to pray for that as well, I would greatly appreciate it.


Carrie said...

Where is the house? Have you heard if they've accepted your offer yet?

Cris said...

We just talked to our agent and he said that they rejected our first offer, but invited us to make another offer. They want more money. We have to have a pow-wow about our strategy from here, so we don't know yet what we are going to do next.