Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on Bathroom

The Bathroom is Finished!  Three Cheers All Around!  A picture-journal:

David cut out a new board to replace the warped one from a spare piece of plywood that he had laying around.... We won't mention that he remembered about his spare building materials that he had squirreled away at home after he and my dad had already gotten to Home Depot and spent time deliberating over what to get.  We'll just let that little tidbit slide out of the memory bank, won't we?

Dad, holding down the floor.

This is after they had done some stuff to it and installed some stuff [Insert technical explanation with big words here....] and were waiting for some component to dry.  Didn't my super husband cut out a nice piece of wood?  :)

He found a nugget of something in the crevice of the wall.  Unfortunately it was not made of gold.  Which reminds me, we now know the reason why Trinket was perpetually sniffing, probing, and examining the base of the toilet every. single. time I was in the bathroom for the last couple of years.  When David and Dad lifted the toilet up and put it in the tub, they found a substantial stash of ponytail holders. Trinket is addicted to them. They are her favoritest toy, and cannot be resisted.  So she hides them in "safe" places for later.  For example, inside the couch, under the couch, in her litter box, behind the desk in the office, in her water bowl (all. the. time.  Just try and keep her from it, I dare you.), and apparently, in the crevice between the base of the toilet and the floor.  When they found them, David was disgusted.  Trinket was delighted.

Getting it ready to install the new tiles.

The laying of the first tile.

David is excited because he is getting to figure out how to do this for the first time.  Things that would paralyze me with fear (over my lack of knowledge and experience- being afraid that I would make a mistake) give him an odd, indescribable delight.  Dad is enjoying spectating and throwing in an instruction here and there.

Absolutely, painstakingly meticulous.  I love that about him.

Sweeping the dust and debris away before laying the next tile.

Still hard at work.

Dad got out a light after awhile to give David some extra help in seeing where to trim the tile to make it fit just right.  I thought that the light gave this picture a cool effect- it's like David is glowing.

The finished product- completed just after midnight.  I thought David did a beautiful job.  He spoils me rotten!

My new bathroom!

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