Thursday, April 01, 2010

New House Update

David and I have been talking with our realtor Greg a lot recently.  Last night he told us that the people whose house we want decided to reject our offer, with an invitation for another offer tagged on the end of the letter.  Soooooo, Greg said he would talk to their realtor this morning and see what the deal was, and what their thinking about it is.  Then, we talked to him this evening and he said that he had talked to their realtor this afternoon, and their realtor is going to get them to counter our bid.  This is a good step.  Technically, once we get their counter-offer, then we are half a step closer to getting the house.  Once they counter-offer, their property is then tied up until we make a deal or walk away.  When they rejected our offer outright, that left them open to accept other offers and make a deal with someone else without saying boo to us about it.  Once we get a counter-offer, then we have first dibs and no competition until we either own the house or walk away.  I am very happy tonight, and in an entirely different place emotionally than last night, where I was in the depths of despair for the rest of the night because of the rejection.  So, further proof that God is good, and that I need to just trust that He will work this all out for the best, even if that means this isn't the house for us.  But we still need prayers.

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