Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dentist Update and Other Things

Yesterday I was a little loopy all the way until bedtime, so I decided to just go to bed and post the update on my teeth today.  The good news is that I got one of my teeth patched up and repaired.  The bad news is that it wasn't the wisdom tooth.  The wisdom tooth has to come out, asap.  They didn't bother doing anything to it because they said that it was chipped down so close to the nerve that it would just crumble apart if they even tried to smooth the edges down a little.  And rupture.  And then I would be in a whole new world of pain.

The wisdom tooth chipped because apparently I had quite the cavity in it, and it just weakened to the point that eating a bean burrito made it fall to pieces.  So the dentist gasped when she saw what state it was in, and said that the break was micromillimeters from the nerve, and that it is absessed.  I am at risk of it rupturing and the infection spreading to the nerve.  So they put me on horse-pill antibiotics so that the infection would get better, and told me they would get me in as soon as possible to take not just the trouble-making tooth out, but all four of my wisdom teeth out.

So, I was like, "I'm sure we'll do all of this in a couple weeks or so...." Then, this morning the secretary called and said, "We can get you in tomorrow at 2!" And, I have to go in today for x-rays.

SO, now I am looking at major dental surgery tomorrow, sedation and all.  I am super scared.  You have no idea how many horror stories I've heard about people practically bleeding to death from getting their wisdom teeth out.  Granted, I would be okay with a little blood loss.  I think that I could probably lose a few gallons and still be healthy as an ox.  Maybe healthier, since who knows what kind of medical issues go on with oxen. In any case, it's better than slowly ingesting my crumbling teeth and then dying from infection.

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic.  I'm still scared, though.

As far as everything else goes, things are going well.  We had quite the drama going at the beginning of this week due to re-negotiating and stressing over the house contract on the new house.  We would really like to get the 6500 dollar tax credit for long-time homebuyers, which means that our closing date has to be after June 10th on the new house.  So, our realtor worked out a deal where we would lease the new house for a month and then close on June 11th.  And, we would net about 5500 dollars from getting the tax credit.  Hooray!

So, for a few days we thought we wouldn't get to move in until June 10th or 11th.  Then, we were stressed about all the little legalities in the qualifications for the tax credit.  To the point of gnawing off our own hind legs.  (Or grinding out our wisdom teeth....)

But, we have now settled into relief and excitement that this will all work out okay.  And we still get to move in on May 6.  Double hooray!

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to decorate and what repairs we can afford to make now, and what we have to wait for later on.  I am thinking that with all of the dentist stuff going on we will probably only be able to afford to paint with the leftover paint from fixing up this house, and steam clean the carpets myself with my own steam-cleaner.  One of the rooms has a Winnie-the-Pooh theme going on with medium blue walls, which is wonderful except for the fact that the child who lived in that room managed to rip about a third of the border off the walls next to the ceiling.  So, that room has to be redone.  And I have all kinds of fantastic daydreams about what color to paint it and how to decorate, but the reality is that it will be painted a muted shade of white with the leftovers of what we already have. The upside is that whenever I remodel it in the future, white is a great base color.  I'm just happy that I will finally get to have central air in my home this summer, and I will have a dishwasher!  Triple Hooray!

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FireDawn said...

Lol! You make me laugh. :) I hope everything is going well. And if it's any comfort... Dad and I both got all our wisdom teeth taken out. And Meredith will be going through the same. Lol! :)