Saturday, April 03, 2010

House-buying Update

Ok, so this is the deal with the new house negotiations:  they are being stubborn and won't come down on their price.  We gave them a very very good counter-offer, but they are holding out over a few thousand dollars.  Greg thinks that they are waiting to see if they get any better offers over the weekend, maybe in the next couple of weeks.  Our position is that we are waiting to see what happens, and saying nothing else to them about it.  I am hoping that they get no other offers on their house, and that they sweat over this a bit.  Then maybe they will be a little more reasonable.  I also wonder if they were offended at our very first offer, which I must admit was pretty low. 

I feel pretty stressed about all of this, because I really liked that house.  I even had daydreams about our pets running around inside, and had begun considering which room would make a good nursery for when the time comes for that.  I have been praying for faith that God knows what is best for us in all of this, and that I can trust Him to take care of us.  I've also been praying for God to set a hedge of thorns around that property so that no one else shows any interest and they come back and beg us to take it off their hands....  Oh well, if this isn't the house for us, then I'm sure that God has something better just around the corner.

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