Monday, April 05, 2010

Best Easter Ever

Yesterday was, in my humble opinion, the best Easter ever.  I liked that it was so very low-key.  David and I went to my oldest sister's house for lunch with my side of the family.  After lunch there was an Easter-egg hunt (indoors since it was raining...) for the two youngest members of the family- Shayce and Kylie.  Kylie kept finding eggs during lunch so that by the time it was actually time to officially start the egg hunt, my teenaged neices had to take a couple minutes and re-hide about half of the eggs.

I took my current crochet project with me to work on whenever the mood hit.  I got the opportunity to chat with pretty much everyone, and got several small granny-squares done for my next small blanket (for the hope chest).  David and I finally ended up leaving a little before midnight, after having some really good, deep, heartfelt conversation with my sister and her husband.  We closed the night in prayer, and I so enjoyed the feeling of unity amongst the four of us during and afterwards.  I love my family! :)

Yesterday was a wonderful family experience for me, helped by the fact that I have gotten older and more appreciative.  The atmosphere was just comfortable, companionable, and peaceful.  I felt so much joy in seeing them all, and my biggest accomplishment (in my opinion) was that I was able to let go of the expectation for them to please me or be perfect, and I just accepted and loved what was.  I can say with full honesty and heartfelt confidence that even if I could, I wouldn't change anything about any of them.  I love them all exactly as they are, for who they are.  And, I think I am truly beginning to feel the same way towards myself.

Not to say that I and my family don't have issues, or that I had an entire day without struggles, temptations, and trials with my temper. BUT, they and I are good enough. I'm one more step down the path toward "Anyway" love.  Not the kind of love that says "I will love you if ____, or when ___", but the kind that says "I will love you anyway."

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