Friday, April 30, 2010


Has anyone else ever been held captive in their own bathroom due to a gregarious tuxedo-kitty bent on staying spread-eagled on the floor in the doorway, massaging the air with her paws?  Whoever thinks that a trip to the potty is a chance for alone time has obviously never tried to use the bathroom in my house.  And if you concede to the doorway hijacker, and give her sweetly fluffed belly a rub, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.  Just try to stop once you've started.  Give it two seconds, and you will hear a seductive, half-purred "Meh" come floating up from the floorboards.  Then, if you look down, she will wink at you.  With. one. eye.  Then, my friend, she has you forever- a hapless victim of her coy cuteness.

"Try to resist me. I dare you."

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Carrie said...

OH! Fluffy winks!