Monday, April 19, 2004

Boredom Strikes Again

Well, folks, boredom reigns once more, and in response to it's presence my mind has declared war upon conventional thought. I was just considering the whole system of higher education and wondering why it is promoted as such a good thing.

Women used to rebel at the idea of being seen as nothing but a piece of meat. We thought that whole perception changed when we were admitted into Universities and given equal opportunities in the work force. I've got news for you: Nothing has changed. The only thing different is that there are new categories in the meat section of Society's supermarket. I am still a piece of meat to be admired by those of the male persuasion, and you know what? I don't have a problem with it. I enjoy getting attention. At times, I want even more attention that I am getting at the moment. I'm sure all of you are shocked speechless.

Now to the point: Women are no longer merely pieces of meat, due to the new categorization. We now have Gourmet Meat selections, thanks to the University system. There are the prime cuts, the thinly sliced, and for those who still prefer the uneducated woman, we still have a bologna selection available. We only think that the system has changed, but the truth is, we are all still meat.

And another thought that occurred to me this morning was the end result of our modern education. You would think that in our efforts to learn to improve ourselves, women would learn how to take care of their appearance along the way. In this case, the opposite is true. We send our young, fresh-faced daughters off to college hoping they will learn something and come back a better version of what they started out as. What the college spits out are crispy tan girls with fried, stringy hair, dressed in clothes too small. They have undone all the effort their mothers put into keeping them greased with sunblock as they grew up and have lost the ability to buy clothes that fit. Is this what America really wants?

So, in conclusion to all of my rambling, I say that women are still meat because ultimately, we want the acceptance and security of male companionship, and seek it through sexual attention: thus, the tight clothing. Here's a newsflash- the tight clothing may get attention, but it is not pretty, and the attention it gets is not the kind of attention that ultimatley gains the end result that women want. Portraying free sexuality does not encourage faithful, committed, loving relationships. Only sex. And if all we are interested in is sex, than we are reduced down to animal status, otherwise known as meat.

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