Monday, April 05, 2004

Random Ramblings

What exactly is a "Messiah complex"? A thought that was raised this morning during class. I think that every superhero that has ever existed has had a messiah complex, which, by the way, means a person believes he must be the savior to either certain parties or to society in general. Where would Metropolis be without Superman? Little did they know that he actually should have been in a padded room somewhere, proving his shelf life. Gotham also had a resident mental case, but I think that the bat probably rated somewhere along the lines of a grandiose schizophrenic rather than having a messiah complex.

Another thought that crossed my mind: where exactly are we going with this whole gay and lesbian rights movement? Does anyone realize just how much of a minority they are? Why are we allowing the twisted minority ( I know some will be offended by this statement, but I would like to know what people could say along the lines of disagreement with you that wouldn't be offensive to you) to decide what our society and community are going to be? I really believe that we have allowed the portion of society that has not matured past two year olds to dictate what "politically correct" means. For real. Think back to the last toddler that you had to deal with. My guess is that they made quite a fuss as soon as you tried to suggest anything to them that didn't completely mesh with what their will was at the moment. If they were capable of adult-level language, my guess is that their responses would sound something like the garbage we hear from those who pat themselves on the back for being radical or progressive nowadays.

"Maggie, don't poke the fork in the electrical outlet!"
- "Don't repress my sense of creative expression. Just because you believe differently than I do about what will happen if I poke a fork in the outlet does not give you the right to oppress me with your views. You're just saying that because I am 2!"

Sound familiar at all? The only difference is that you can just move a two year old out of reach of their self-imposed danger, whereas with an adult if you try to intervene, you would be accused of abuse, called names, or in desperation bitten (this is just a guess, but I believe it to be a credible one after seeing clips of Jerry Springer.)

SO, back to the original question. Where are we going with all the talk of gay and lesbian rights? Has anyone ever thought about the fact that those kind of relationships are just wrong? I know that some people do it, but what's the point of getting married? I mean, it's not like there are any acts of marriage that they are missing out on by not being married. Realistically speaking, how many same sex couples practice abstinence? I don't know of any.

And my next question is, where is this leading? They are not only pushing to have the relationships in the first place, they are mostly pushing for societal acceptance, in my opinion. Even in Rome, one of the most historically decadent societies ever, although they had people practicing homosexuality and sexual perversions, the society did not view it as right, natural, or good. It was done, but it was not approved. If we go so far as to approve of homosexuality, we will be taking one giant step farther into perverted decay than any other societal giant in human history. Soon we will not only see gay couples being approved, but next we will be approving of pedophilia and beastiality. "I love my pet gopher. I should get to marry him. Then we can clone children that are half-gopher, half-human. We'll call them Manophers."

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