Thursday, April 08, 2004

Texas vs. the World?

Ok, there is something new that I don't quite understand, yet feel free to comment on. Why do people give Texans a hard time about their state pride? Recently on my college campus, the Student Association came up with the bright idea for a fund raiser where they challenge the Texans to outgive everyone from everywhere else. I don't mind the challenge. I'm from Texas, and I think that we can beat their butts into the ground. The thing I mind is the general attitude toward people from Texas.

Is it our fault that we happen to be from the best state in the US? I say this with all respect toward the other states. But for real, if you aren't proud of your state, then why are you living there? It's ok to move. You don't have to be unhappy. Just because Texans like where they live does not give the oh-so-smart people from Ar-kansas the right to criticize.

On the other hand, if you other people from Texas are so proud of your state, then it's sort of ironic that you came to Arkansas for your higher education experience, and even more ironic that you display Texas pride while in residence. If Texas is awesome, then why aren't you there right now?

Bottom line: We should all be proud of our states, regardless of the fact that Texas is the best, because when all's said and done, we still chose a state for higher education where minitrucks are used as "people-movers", and a highway is also known as a buffet.

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