Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Day

Today has been a great day.  I am writing this at just after midnight, because it has taken this long for my mind to calm and the inspiration to journal to hit.

So, today has been a great day.  I have so much to be thankful for.  The very first thing I am thankful for is my God.  He has answered so many prayers of mine in the last couple of weeks.  The biggest prayer that He has answered for me is an answer to the aching loneliness that has drenched my heart for as long as I can remember.  I can remember being a forlorn kindergartener sitting at the top of monkey bars all by myself, watching the other kids play, and thinking, "I will always be alone."  I know now that that doesn't have to be true! I feel that I have many friends and family who love and appreciate me, and I don't think for one second that my present contentment is an accident or coincidence.  Thank you, God. 

The second thing that I am thankful for is those same people deposited into my world as gift-wrapped blessings mentioned above.  I have had several different people over to my house in the last two months, and I have felt so honored and pleased to spend time with them!  My heart and spirit have felt nourished and bolstered by the fellowship.  I have also spent a lot of time talking to very dear friends on the phone this past week, and have been so nurtured by their grace and input.

Also, I am thankful for my family members.  Today I spent a good long while talking on the phone to my sister A. (sister-in-law just doesn't seem to do that bond justice...) We talked for almost 5 hours.  It was incredible.  I was just reflecting on how much I enjoyed talking with her, and it occurred to me that what was so wonderful about it was that there was no urgency, no pressure to perform, be funny, be smart, be anything other than... me.  And that I was okay.  What a gift! My heart is aglow.

And, I am grateful for my wonderful husband.  I thank God for him every day.  He is such a wonderful leader, provider, and friend for me!  Sometimes I reflect on just how well he treats me, and marvel at the man God gave me.  I feel inspired and encouraged by his strength of character, his kind heart, his generosity, his sense of humor, and his general wonderfulness.  Thank you for being you, David!

I am thankful for my little kitties who follow me around everywhere I go during the day. I am so comforted and delighted by their presence.  I was having a sad moment the day before yesterday, and Trinket came to me and curled up next to me, and asked me to rub her belly.  Then, yesterday, I was talking on the phone to someone and an upsetting topic came up, and Gizmo came running over and rubbed her little head on my chin, then cuddled up under my neck and started purring.  What great cats!

I am also thankful for the Spirit.  I have felt such a shift in my heart in the last year.  I have become more aware of the grace of God working in my life and my heart, and He has changed me into a better, happier, more patient person.  I feel the change is completely dramatic.  I still have my moments of feeling blue, but I have an overriding sense that I'm okay now, and that I am forgiven, and that it will all be okay.

So, basically most of what I did today was talk on the phone all afternoon- but what a great day it was!  And, I learned how to do things around the house one-handed... go me.

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