Saturday, August 14, 2010


It's been too long since I blogged.  Not that I didn't have anything to say- I've had plenty to say.  I've just been resisting doing it because I enjoy it.  Anybody else have moments like that?  It's like, "Oh, that would be fun! No thanks."

The cats are locked in the closet right now.  I just haven't let them out for the day.  Alot of times the presence of my cats is treated like alcohol- not before noon, please.  I'm still a tad bit irritated with Trinket for waking me up this morning.  She was rattling the doorknob and banging on the door.  Sometimes it sounds like I have a crazy old uncle stashed in the closet. "Let me out, kiddies- I was only joking!"

We kept Shayce and Kylie off and on this past week. On Tuesday they both spent the night, then Wednesday Shayce spent the night, then Thursday their parents came back into town, and Shayce was drug kicking and screaming from my house just before dinnertime.  Poor baby.

On Tuesday, they played in their room with the dress-up stuff, did puzzles, read books, colored, wrote letters to Trinket (Shayce was very excited to find out that they were almost the same age), then ate dinner (fruit and pb+j sandwiches and chips), then took a bath, then watched two TV shows and had cinnamon popcorn, then called it a night around 9:30 or so.  Kylie did not want to fall asleep, and she was keeping Shayce up, so I ended up rocking her for a few minutes (didn't work), then laying her down in my bed and letting David put her to sleep.  She knows that her David is not going to let her get up, so she usually just gives in to the sandman at that point.  Once she was asleep soundly, David carried her upstairs and put her in bed with Shayce.

On Wednesday morning, my parents came over and picked them up around 9:30.  Mom and Dad wanted to see them for a while (originally the girls ended up at my house in the first place because Mom and Dad were supposed to be watching them, and they called me and asked me if the girls could spend the night at my house Tuesday. ), and I had a lunch date with my sister Melanie! :)

After lunch, I checked my email, then took a nap.  I had a hard time relaxing and going to sleep while the girls were here because I was worried they would wake up and not remember where they were and freak out, and I wouldn't hear them. (wow what a sentence...)

I napped until 6:30, when David got home.  We had dinner together, and then Mom and Dad brought Shayce back over.  When they got here with her, it was about 8:30, and it was bedtime.  So she went upstairs, picked out a few books to read, and David read to her, then we tucked her in, and she went right to sleep- no tears, no fuss.  I was impressed.

On Thursday Shayce and I dropped David off at work, and then we had the car so we could go places.  We went to the mall first, and had lunch there.  I decided to go off my vegan diet that day because I bought her chicken nuggets, and she ate half of one and didn't want the rest (they were too "chicken-y"...) and I refuse to let good Chik-fil-A nuggets go to waste.  They were begging for someone to eat them with the special chik-fil-a sauce.  So I stepped up to the plate.

Then we walked around for a while, saw the ducks, looked at all the cute playhouses they had on display (they were doing a drawing give-away), then went to the candy store, and then left.  On the way home we stopped by two grocery stores- whole foods (for some more cinnamon sugar popcorn!) and Aldi's (for everything else).  Then we went home.  Shayce wanted to have cinnamon popcorn and watch a "show", so I put Rainbow Brite in for her.  Then after a little while Steve came and picked her up, and I went to go pick up David from work.

And throughout all of their time at my house, David was SUCH a wonderful husband!  He played with them (chase, tickle monster, with toys, read books, etc.), he helped me keep things put away, he did dishes, and basically just spoiled me rotten! He is So Good and Wonderful!!!!

Last night we were supposed to have friends over, but they decided to reschedule so we just took it easy instead.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch, and then going to bed at 9:30pm. At the ripe old age of 26.

I am so thankful for all the good times I have had this week, and for getting to spend some good, quality time with my neices and my wonderful husband, both together and separately.

Some pictures:

Look at that cute little tummy^  :)



Shayce was very excited about cinnamon popcorn!

Shayce was trying to hold Kylie still for a photo- like trying to catch a greased piglet

Little Sweeties

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