Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Good Week

This past week has been wonderful for me- full of plenty of relaxation and together-time with David, as well as lots of good fellowship with friends from church.  I feel so blessed to have so many caring people in my life to talk to!  I had people over a few times during the day, for lunch and visiting.  I so enjoyed the opportunity to chat, and felt like my social needs were well-met this past week.  David and I have had several discussions about how often is the ideal for having company.  I tend towards two or three times a week, whereas David is more comfortable with two or three times a month (on top of time we spend with friends at bible study groups, church, and group marriage counseling).  I think I just have a larger cup for the wine of socialization than David- when his cup runneth over, mine is only half full!

Also, yesterday was my first full morning helping out with the 2,3, and 4 year olds class at church.  Our church lasts about 3.5 hours each Sunday (an hour each for worship, classes, then teaching hour), and the program for the 2-4s runs the whole length. Kids that age really struggle with sitting still for five minutes, let alone for a full lesson from the pulpit, so the program provides snacks, crafts, story time, and lots time before and after for free play (with plenty of room to get their energy out).  I had a great time playing with the kids, and talking to them here and there.  During the free play time, a little girl served me "lunch", which was imaginary pizza, with bananas and syrup on top. Yum... 

When we got home from church yesterday we ended up taking a four-hour nap.  It was lovely!  Then, we watched a movie marathon, and I worked on crocheting.  I have been working on crocheting a quilt for a queen-sized bed since last April.  I am finally getting close to having it done.  David and I went Saturday and bought another pound of each color of yarn, so hopefully that will be enough to finally finish.  I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished.


Elisabeth said...

Hey Cristy! The first week was nerve-racking... and this week has been okay because of this stupid cough and what not. But other than that it's been pretty good! The caf is wonderful! I didn't think they would have any good food, but the food is actually REALLY good! The student center is awesome, and the gift shop I guess just turned into HUB (Harding University Bookstore) so it's one huge thing, which is awesome. :) I got a gold sparkley bison and had Dad put it on my car while he was still here. :) But yeah! I've run into Ethan McCollum, and Robert Dennis a couple times. They're pretty cool and make sure I'm doing alright. But yeah! They have a food center type thing in the student center that also has very good food! I've already used some of my DCB. lol! They have ice cream there, I don't know about Ben and Jerry's though. They also have a mini mart in the Student center. I haven't been in there since Uplift two years ago. But yeah! That's pretty much been it! Haha! :) And I am glad you are having good weeks! That is so cool! :)

Elisabeth said...

Oh! And I've met a few people.. Haven't really made lots of friends yet. one of my friends from Bandina is here though! So that is cool. :) Um... I may be sining in a band! I dunno yet, but it's possible! And... I went to a devo in the Hammon Room last night that was led by students for students and that was really cool. :) I'll prolly go back next week. :) Neways.. that's an overview. haha! :) I should prolly write all that in my blog... hrm... haha! Ah well! Off to Bible!