Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday I ate no meat.  I also ate little other than raw fruit.  I had oatmeal for dinner though, along with my fruit.  I woke up yesterday morning with what I feel is an inspired drive to start eating healthier.  I haven't decided for how long I will forego meat.  I might not even continue through this evening.  The point is, I want to for now, and I will continue for as long as I want to, and I have given myself permission to stop at anytime.  And I think that is the most important principle: all of us strive against rules, myself immensely so. It's deeply embedded in my nature to lust after the forbidden fruit.  So, in order to have success, I make it so that I am okay either way. I am also praying for God to teach me to love submission.  I think that there is so so much to be said for those who have the skill of making up their mind to do something, and then accomplishing it.  I'm slowly getting there. God and I are working together on slowly taming my rebellious heart, and I see improvements every day.

I felt better this morning when I woke up.  I felt lighter, and I had more energy.  And, I managed to feel well-rested after only eight hours of sleep.  That is huge for me.  The last few days I have been feeling tired, and I have been sleeping in a little later every day. A lot of times I would still feel tired after sleeping for ten or eleven hours.  Not so this morning! :)

I think the trick to making any sort of dietary change is to wait to eat until you are very, very hungry.  Then, everything tastes like ambrosia!

I've also been slowly tackling getting my house in order.  The new house is still piled with boxes, yet it feels comfortable.  My furniture is surprisingly suited color-wise to the curtains that were left by the people who lived here before.  And, the color that I chose for the walls adds the perfect final touch.  Now I just have to go scrounge around in some thrift stores and garage sales until I find the perfect artwork for the walls.  In my new house I want to keep things as simple and uncluttered as possible.  I have been forcing myself to let go of a lot of things the last few weeks, and it really shows!  My bedroom is almost completely finished, and my kitchen is getting close to being done.  I think I might do some laundry today, too! It's easy because my washer and dryer are inside.

I have been feeling so appreciative of things that I took for granted before- toilets that work without having to be jiggled, dishwashers, laundry in air conditioning, vent to the outside for the dryer, and my wonderful husband for providing me with all of the above.  And also, I thank God for providing us with everything, and for giving us challenges to help us appreciate what would otherwise be normalcy.


incapearl said...

The only thing about being able to make up your mind to do something then, bam, you do it, is it means you've become an engineer.

Cris said...

Lol! That means that I have a lot to learn from David! :)

Glad to see you at my blog! *happy dance*