Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Snowing!

Hooray, it's snowing for the second time this winter in our little nook of Texas!  The first time it only spit a little snow at us, and we didn't really get the full experience.  This time around (and with the help of antibiotics, since my cold is not quite finished yet) we got to really enjoy it and play in it!  We decided to build a snowman:

No, Don't hug him, he'll fall over!!

Pretty, huh?

I so wish I could get the video of Zenzi and Mackenzie (checking out the snow, acclimating to the snow, playing in the snow, then freaking out for five minutes straight when their daddy tried to play with them in the snow) to load.  Mackenzie was much more accepting of David after a few seconds, but Zenzi just couldn't get past the parachute pants.  She was offended by his early-nineties fashion statement, I think.  :)

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