Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God Bless "Hoarders"

Tonight David and I watched the newest episode of "Hoarders" on A&E.  I have to admit, I love love love this show.  The best thing about this show is that it totally inspires me to get myself in gear on my own housework.  I feel great compassion for the people on the show- especially the kids.  Tonight I really felt sorry for Sam, who felt like it was his responsibility to keep his mom and dad happy- I can totally relate.  Not that it isn't right for kids to want to please their parents, but there is a big, huge difference between obeying and wanting to please your parents, and feeling responsible for their feelings.  The first one is good and godly, and the second is a blurring of healthy emotional boundaries.

Okay, and whilst on the subject of cleaning, I have felt so convicted lately about my wifely duties in the home.  I have repented several times in the last few days for allowing myself to be too enamored with a good book, good movie, good internet article, good nap, etc. to pull my weight around here.  I think I have done a great job as far as being an encourager to my husband, but my skills as a supporter have been lacking. This realization came about from reading, and then re-reading a certain blog article- Liz ThoughtsI Love, Life, and Motherhood: A True Wife  I have been so blessed from reading Elizabeth's blog, and every time I read that entry, I feel convicted and inspired all over again to put some extra effort into making my home clean and beautiful for my hard-working husband.  Also, her kids (in her other entries) are super cute. Super. Cute.

So, anyway, tonight I spent a good hour and a half on laundry, sweeping, sorting papers, and scrubbing sinks.  I feel so much better about my home now, and so much better as a wife.  Also, David brought up a good point earlier when we were discussing this subject earlier (after watching Hoarders with me).  He said that he especially wanted us to get things paired down to where there is a place for everything, and then create better habits and routines in keeping things put away, because as hard as it is to keep a neat house now, it will be much harder once we have kids.  And he feels very strongly that he wants to raise our kids with a sense of responsibility about keeping our house neat and orderly.  I really love and admire the way he thinks, and his good goals for our future.  Nothing warms my heart more than discussing the future with my dear David.  And, I also love the way he discusses his goals and feeling with me in such and thoughtful and gentle way.  He is truly talented at discussing changes to make while also conveying appreciation and acceptance.  He has a way of talking to someone where he could tell them that he just burned their house down and they would thank him for it!

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