Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

Today (the 5th) was David's birthday. It was a pretty good day overall. We went to see a movie for his birthday- he chose Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed it very much. I had heard from some that it was horrible or got a bad review from somewhere, but I have never read the books, so was unbothered by any comparison with the original story. It was wonderful. It had many humorous moments, suspense, intrigue, mystery, and some beautiful camera work and editing. Plus, I think I have a thing for Robert Downey, Jr.

But I have a much bigger thing for my David. In the spirit of celebration of the wonderful man who was born 29 years ago today, I have decided to take a moment to make public my appreciation of him.

Things I like about him as a person:
1. He has a great smile, with dimples and squints.
2. He has a kind heart.
3. He is very gentle and loving.
4. He is brilliant.
5. He is compassionate and caring.
6. He is resourceful, responsible, and a hard worker.
7. He is very thoughtful and considerate.

Things he does well:
1. He makes a mean Gumbo.
2. He remembers every anniversary of every little thing
3. He goes out of his way to let me know how much he loves and appreciates me
4. He helps me feel so special, valuable, and loved
5. He is considerate and thoughtful- he does a great job of living and loving with meaning and purpose.
6. He is soooooo patient, accepting, and content- he really inspires me in these areas.
7. He, like his Biblical namesake, is a man after God's own heart, in that he wants to do what's right and give the praise and glory to God through it all.
8. He is a man of feeling, and shares his heart with me. Alot of the things he thinks about are so deep and insightful- he amazes me.
9. He is very talented in many respects. He can solve any logical or technical problem that ever could come up. He does a great job at his work. He is thorough and dedicated in whatever he projects he takes on at work and at home, and whenever he finishes something it's not only complete but a work to behold.
10. He is beautifully artistic and poetic. The other day he let my mom read a poem he wrote, and she cried. He's that good.
11. He is a technical genius too- he works as a systems engineer, and spends some of his idle time at home building his own computer and writing the software for it. I'm not even sure what it will do when he is finished; when I ask what his computer will do, he says "compute things". He's like Michaelangelo- until it is revealed, the work must remain a mystery. :)
12. He is very funny- he is always coming up with jokes, puns, and little comments that keep me laughing ( or at times smiling painfully).
13. He is great with children and pets. One of my favorites is when he does impressions of our pets and what they must be thinking. He even does the "Mackenzie Dance".

He is the greatest friend and partner I could ever ask for. I feel blessed every day when I wake up next to him, and I am so so looking forward to the rest of our future together.

I love you, David!

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Carrie said...

"compute things": translation: "if I tell you what the computer will actually do in complete technical details, it will probably cause your eyes to glaze and then cross, and I'll have to reboot my wife."
Bob has used the same phrase with me! :•p