Friday, January 08, 2010

Adventures in Toddler Land

Yesterday and today I have had the pleasure of spending some good, quality time baabysitting my little neices Shayce and Kylie.  Shayce is four and a half.  She has given me some very enlightening information over the last couple of days.

Yesterday she was explaining traffic lights to me.  Everything she told me was accurate, and I was impressed, so I asked, "How did you get so smart?" Her response? "From my thumb.  One day I bumped it, and that made it smart.  Then it made me smart.  It was a magic bump."

This morning I let her play on PBS kids website for a little while. I turned it on, went out of the room for a couple minutes to change Kylie's diaper, then came back.  When I came back in the room, Shayce was carefully watching a little video on the website, with a pen and paper in hand, drawing little circles and squiggles on the paper.  I asked her what she was doing.

"I'm bizerving."
"You're observing?"

Her mother is a [completely awesome] school teacher. It's testing season at school.  Need I say more?

Also, on Wednesday, Kylie was hankering after Shayce's trail mix that she made at school.  My mom had told Shayce to share with Kylie, so Shayce very happily picked out the pretzel sticks from the mix and poked them into Kylie's mouth. Then, Shayce was finished sharing. Kylie, however was not. So, for the next two hours, Kylie hunted, stalked, and tried to sneak some of the delicious M&M's or marshmallows out of Shayce's bowl of trail mix. Every time I would catch her trying to sneak some, I would tell her no. Finally, after a couple of attempts, she made a grab for the bowl, I started to say no, and she looked up with a pout and exclaimed "Shhh!"

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