Thursday, October 06, 2011


I took Mackenzie for a walk today.  Most mornings I wake up thinking, "Wow, what a beautiful day! I should go for a walk!" Then I don't.  Then later I moan to David about how "we need to make time to go for a walk together each day", when what I really mean is "I need to make myself take a walk every day." LOL.

So, today when my lovely hub woke me up for prayer and Bible reading, he read 2 Peter and then prayed for God to give us energy to do what we needed to do today.  Guess what that meant? God woke me up. Then He reminded me to go for my walk. And take Mackenzie. Because she is a wiggles and she would like it. So I did.

I have gotten out of the habit of exercising the last couple of months.  For the first 5 months of this year, I did really well at keeping in the habit of exercising at the gym almost every day. Then, we started the adoption process, and it got reeeeeeeaaaallly hot outside.  And I stopped caring about losing weight and getting pregnant because it was HOT. So I stopped working out.  Hopefully my walk today was not just a one-time unusual occurrence, and I will actually get back in the habit of being more active. I think I might even take Zenzi for a walk in a little while.

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