Saturday, March 03, 2007

High Maintenance Kitties

Okay, this is just too good to pass up writing about. Tonight David and I tried out the beta version of our cats' litter box lid. We just couldn't convince them to use it as long as there was a doggie-door connected to the lid. So we have just been leaving the lid off of it. Well, the lid door broke off recently, and it just so happened that the new litter box liners that I bought didn't want to stay on, so we decided to try out the lid(since it would hold the liners on) and see if they might be convinced to use it.

Trinket just couldn't get over the new lid. Literally. She couldn't adjust to stepping on the edge of the pan with the lid like she used to when there wasn't a lid, and kept clotheslining herself on the edge of the catbox while trying to get in. She got spooked and tried to run away. David decided to help her get used to it, and tried shoving her into the litter box. She gripped the edge of the doorway with her little paws, and tried to squirm away. David shoved harder, and succeeded in poking her into the catbox. She looked out at me from the inside of the litterbox with the expression of someone looking out from a gas chamber. Then she realized she could get out, and away she went. Then Gizmo hopped in with a proprietal air. "Silly kitten, look what the amazing Gizmo can accomplish. The likes of you must use primitive potties. Go back to the pound."

I decided to have some mercy on the cross-legged Trinket (she needed to go- bad) and asked David to set a box at the entrance of the litter box like a stepping stool. Trinket immediately took advantage of her very own stepping box, and joined Gizmo in the potty. Gizmo bounded out in disgust. "Drat! Foiled again- and it was about to get very interesting!"

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