Friday, March 09, 2007

The Silent One Speaks Again

Ok, you knew when you saw a new post on my blog that it would have something to do with my cats. It does and it doesn't. First, an update on the kitties, and then on to the things that have nothing to do with them (or so I think).

Today was a hard world for little kitty. Trinket has had to endure so much. First, her mommy held her for almost 15 minutes. The horror. Then, she was let go, but soon thereafter lured back over to the vicinity of mommy with a strip of paper dangled so beguilingly on the edge of the couch cushion. She couldn't help herself. And then, before she knew it, she had been swooped up into mommy's lap once more. And then the awfulest of awfuls (at least so far in the day) happened- mommy clipped the Trinket nails. She was surprisingly good, aside from growling and moaning murderous threats. Gizmo was sitting nearby and looked both alarmed for the sake of Trinket, and jubilant that she wasn't the one being held and having her back claws trimmed. When I was done she wriggled loose and skittered away, but the day was not yet over.

Once I was done watching Oprah, it was time to execute the next necessary torture I had in mind for my kitten. You see, she has been lumbering around here with her ears quirked to the side in discomfort for the last few days- they have been itching her due to a collection of earwax. Trinket has enough problems already with loopy thinking and dull-wittedness, without having the trouble of itchy ears making her nuts. So I was determined to clean them for her. She abhors having her ears cleaned. She hates it worse than getting a bath(which she is also in need of, but I must ask myself just how traumatized I wish my kitten to be at the end of the day).

So, quick as a wink, I wrestled Trinket onto the floor, grabbed her by the ear and the scruff of the neck (just in case the little booger tried to bite me), and began prodding and scrubbing the inside of her ear with a Q-tip. By this time I really didn't blame her for cursing kitty-style and wishing my death upon me. She even hissed once.

When I was finished, I got up, wiped the cat fur off of me, and went to take a shower. Trinket gave me a friendly chirp as I walked past her room (great- I've scarred her mentally to the point of memory loss), and then I took my shower.

Once I was done, I pulled the curtain back to a surprise. Gizmo was patiently waiting in the bathroom for me to get out, with a determined tilt to her ears. She had something she needed to say. "Mow. Mow Rrrrrrow mrow miow. Meow meow meow mew meow mow. Mew. Meoweow meow mow. Meh Mow MOW!" Then she glared at me for a moment and turned and walked out into the hallway. I imagined the monologue to be interpreted as something like this- "Mommy! Are you out of your ever-lovin' mind? Why in the world would you soak yourself down? What are you thinking? Just look at what you have done to Trinket! She has been reduced to imbecility. I say hello, Trinket, get away from my food, and she says ok, and then five minutes later she says "Oh hello, and who might you be?" You are no longer fit to call the shots around here, so I will take that upon myself. Now lick yourself off, and get in there and clean my litter and feed me. Hop to it!" It was quite hilarious. I wish I had had a tape recorder at the time.

Anyway, on to the things not about my pets. I would hate for this blog to end up being completely about my pets and lose that wonderful quality I used to maintain where it was a good mix of humorous anecdotes and thoughtful comments. I was thinking today. I guess I am a pretty deep thinker most of the time, which is a quality in myself that I learned to value from my wonderful roommate in college. You see, she taught me in the short time we roomed together that it's not enough to just go along with the routine- that it's important to also have a good reason for doing it, and to have clear thinking when making decisions.

So while I was doing some of my treasured thinking earlier today I was pondering over where I am in my pursuit of personal growth. I always want to continue striving for self-revelation, understanding, and humility. I was just thinking today about my level of awareness, and feeling pretty self-congratulatory, and then it occurred to me that people who say to themselves or others "I don't think I could get any more aware of myself or my motives/circumstances than I already am" are basically refusing to grow. So then I started wondering what it is that I am not ready to face or deal with, or work on. Right now I am not ready to know, but I am willing to give myself time and grace to work it out.

And finally, I wrote a couple months ago about how I was looking for some good literature. Thankfully, with the help of God and a friend, I have come across some absolutely amazing books. The stories in them aren't always pleasant, though they have some pretty good moments in them, but they manage to confront and stretch prejudgements and views that I didn't even know I had. SO, some of my reccomendations are: The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons, and Jacob Have I Loved (I especially loved this one, but I can't remember who the author is). I am going to keep reading and as I come across great books I will let you all know.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have other thoughts brewing, but I will get to them later.


Lita said...

Thank you for calling me wonderful. You are way too nice. It feels really good. :)

"Jacob Have I Loved" is by Katherine Paterson. She seems to be a pretty wise, neat lady. I have a book of essays and speeches by her I picked up somewhere called "The Invisible Child." I really like some of her ideas.

Lita said...

Okay, if you weren't talking about me, feel free to beat me up.

I mean it.

I think it's really important what you said--giving yourself "the time and grace to work" things out. Life takes time and grace to work out--you can't quit striving to grow, but you can't expect yourself to get it all done "yesterday," either. That's one mistake I made last year. Isn't it great God gives us that time and grace? I think that's what life's supposed to be--that journey with him.

Would you pray for me about that? Things are a little rocky for me right now as far as bringing things to God. There are things I need to give up and repent of, and there are obstacles I'm not sure how to handle.

Thanks, Cristy.