Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm so Great!

Ok, I'm just going to take a moment to bask in my own glory. I am the best. Let me tell you why I am so good. I made a 99 on my first major test in my Biology class. I had the highest grade in all the classes. I am so proud of myself!

Ok, so moving on to the rest of the happenings in my life. I was telling David last night that I feel so happy with my life right now. I feel so content and fulfilled. I'm on course for getting my degree, I have pets that I love, I have a cute little house, I have a good relationship with my family, wonderful friends at church, and I feel that I am making progress on my relationship with God, which is a somewhat new occurrence (the progress, not the relationship), and finally, I am losing weight, and I got to buy cute new clothes in the next smaller size yesterday, and my double chin is on the way to gone once again. So, pretty much everything is going my way right now.

Last night there was a family get-together at my sister Melanie's house, and my neice Shayce was the star of the show. She has gotten to a very cute age. She's about 16 months old, and can walk with a lot of confidence, and talk with even more (even if no one else can understand what she is saying). Last night she was trying to master the step in the entryway of Melanie's house, every time she would step up or down without taking a tumble, she would clap her little hands and say "Yay!" Everybody thought that was the cutest thing, and we would all laugh and cheer her on. One time, she came into a room full of people and said "Heyo!" and everybody said in unison "Hello!" back to her, and then she waved her arms and danced around with glee.

For the last couple of days I hae been on a little bit of a pendulum with my feelings about having children. Some days I think I want to have three or four, and other days I think that I don't want to have any. I think a lot of that depends on how well David and I are getting along. When we get along well, and he is being nice then I think, man, I can't wait to share this with children. When we're being mean to each other then I think, man, I'm glad I don't have children, and I don't want any ever if this is what we are going to inflict on them. I guess we will justhave to wait and see how things pan out. My mom has been a little less than subtle in suggesting how nice it would be to have more grandchildren. I'm happy that she's looking forward to it.

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Lita said...

Congratulations on the test. :) That is awesome! I'm glad things are going so well. :)