Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Tenacity of Baby

Today I have been spending the day with my baby neice, Shayce, who is almost 15 months old. Her vocabulary is expanding rapidly- she can now say "No, Hot, No, Daddy, No, Mommy, Papa, Shoe, No, Thank you, Uh-oh, Milk, Moo, No, Duck, Quack, No, Boo, Yay, No, Hello, and No" all will great consternation or excitedness, depending on the mood of the moment. Every time you sit down to feed her anything, she says it's hot. I say, "It's okay, Shayce, I just tasted it. It's not hot," then I give her a bite, and she says "Hot!"

Anyway, a minute ago, she had something in her Shayce death grip, and charged through the kitchen at a trot just in case Papa decided to stop her and see what it was, which he tried to, but then that baby did the funniest thing- she swatted his hand away and scooted past without being deterred. I laughed... hard. I knew that baby had gumption, but I had seriously underestimated her.

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