Monday, September 19, 2011


We have had a lot going on lately! For whatever reason, we've been working like crazy around here on projects- I've been working on painting the metalwork inside my house- handrails and such- and David re-wired the garage this past weekend.  Also, I planted an apple seed a few days ago, and have been enjoying watching it start to grow.  I gave up on growing my avocado tree- the heat wave this summer dried it out to the point that it finally gave up the ghost.  I was very sad about it, and despaired of ever growing anything again. Then, a week ago, I was slicing an apple and found one of the seeds had sprouted a root! I was delighted and folded it up inside a wet paper towel to see if it would continue growing.  It did, so a couple days later I put it in a pot with some soil, and now it has two leaves!

Another project I've been working on is getting the carpets in my house washed.  I've been doing it a bit at a time.  Last Friday afternoon I did a big chunk in the middle of the living room floor where there were several spots in preparation for a prayer meeting that night.  It was our first ever prayer meeting, and it was wonderful.  One of our friends had one about a month ago, and we couldn't make it.  I was so sad that I didn't get to go that I decided to just have one myself!

I have also been enjoying figuring out how to beautify my home without spending a fortune.  I went to Dollar Tree the other day, and found little miniature pots with fall-colored fake flowers in them, and bought a couple for my dining table.  Then I selected some yellow flowers from their other floral decorations, and picked out a small vase to put them in, and made a decoration for my breakfast table.  I also got some of their small river rocks, and a couple of larger glass vases, and made a little seashell, button, and rock display on my living room mantle.  The result has been wonderful, I think, and not too expensive!  I just love the dollar tree!

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