Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday School

I think that my church might have dibs on the award for "Church with the Cutest Kids".  I teach the Pre-k/ Kindergarten Sunday school, and I have the most adorable little kids in my class.  This morning was a particularly good morning- the kids were all really into the lesson, and it seemed like they absorbed a lot of the content. There was a little girl there for the first time this morning, and had come to church with her next-door neighbors, who are members at our church.  She was an incredibly good listener- I don't think she had ever heard the full acount of King David before.  By the end of class she took delight in repeating back to me all the major points of the lesson (and some not-so-major ones, like a story I told as an example of disobedience about when I was five, and tried to trick my mom into thinking I had taken a bath when I hadn't... Let's all hope she doesn't choose that as the tidbit she shares with her mom when she gets home).

Also, before class started the kids were gathered into a big room to sing a few songs with one of our acoustic guitar-playing deacons, and one of the songs they sang was a more contemporary song.  One of my little bundles of sugar was rockin' it out in the front row.  It was like she was having a personal little concert experience- bouncing around, waving her arms, singing, and using her charm bracelet as an instrument, shaking it to the beat of the music.  She was too cute! I had a hard time not laughing...  I'm so glad that these kids have such a fun and positive experience worshipping and learning about God!

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