Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 has finally arrived and then scampered away all too quickly. It has been a good year, and I got lots of stuff, but I enjoyed being with my family (and my husband's family, believe it or not) most of all.
This was a great Christmas for my side of the family. This year we had a two and four year old at the festivities- Kylie and Shayce respectively. They were brimming with cuteness, as well as a rotation of delight and impatience. Kylie still doesn't really talk, but she made quite a few garbled exclamations which were quite gratifying. One of the presents I gave her was a little knit hat, which she took great joy in modeling. When she opened it, she squawked, then put it on and started dancing around with arms held out straight, in swooping motions, airplane-style. Shayce was equally adorable, and was enthralled with the DVD collection of My Little Ponies that I gave her. When I wrapped it, I put several layers of paper and tape, so that when she was opening it, she kept exclaiming sounds of indignance and saying, "I really really want to see what's inside!"

One of my favorite parts of Christmas with my family was getting to play with my sister's SLR camera. It was fantastic. It is on my wishlist for Christmas 2012. We just bought a new camera for now that I will be enjoying until then.

Another great thing about this Christmas is that this is the first time since we got married that my husband and I have not been gallivanting around the week after Christmas. We had Christmas with his family on the 18-19th, and then we spent Christmas Eve with my family, so on Christmas day and since then we have been blissfully tucked away in our little house.

Plus, we had a White Christmas this year. Husband was especially excited because he grew up on the east Texas coast, and this is the first time he has ever had a White Christmas. Around 1:00 or so on Christmas Eve, we looked out the window to see sweet little snow flakes whizzing vertically by. It was a very powdery snow, but still managed to do in my little potted plants on the front porch. So, naturally we took pictures:

Zenzi was not a fan of the snow. She was quite confused and dismayed by it. She jumped on top of her house to bark at it, and to let us know that she was discontented with her status in the extreme.

Mackenzie was living it up inside the house whilst her big sister was filing complaints from the roof of her dog house. She had discovered a way out of the back yard and was taking every opportunity to escape and go on a rampage/ joy run around the neighborhood. I knew that no one would be as excited to say hello to her as she would be to say hello to them, so she got to hang out in the kitchen. We have since discovered the Achilles' heel of our fencing and my wonderful husband has fixed it.

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