Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty Puppies

Sunday David and I got a lot done- we went to church, I helped with Children's Church (fun!), talked to a bunch of our friends, went out for Chinese, took the dogs to be groomed, mowed and raked the yard, sprayed the yard for bugs (fleas, spiders, wasps, mosquitos, ants, etc.), then went and picked up the dogs, got a rootbeer float from Sonic, and then came home.  And then we watched movies and cuddled puppies.  It was a full day!

We decided to take the dogs to be groomed because they just looked so sad and pitiful out on the back porch, and unhappy with their dirtiness.  They just wanted to come in and cuddle so bad!  I didn't want to cuddle them though due to the dirt and fleas.  So, when we got back from lunch, I started calling around to different places to see if they could fit us in.  I must have called 10 different Petco's and Petsmarts, and none of them wanted to take us.  Then I just did a search on Google for grooming in our vicinity, and came up with a shop that was walk-ins only a couple blocks away.  So we packed the dogs up and headed out. We actually ended up at a different grooming shop than the one we were looking for, but the guy who worked there was willing to squeeze them in.  We went back to get them a couple hours later, and they were fresh and clean as little poseys! The guy did a great job, and our fur-babies were so happy to get to cuddle the rest of the evening.

Mack's eyes go a little wall-eyed when she's super super excited! :)

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