Saturday, November 08, 2008

A New Joy

Okay, so I have been reminded more than once by my dear sister that I need to update my website. I have been told that it is too morbid. All right, I admit it. I have been a little lax in my attention to my reader.

I now have a new puppy. She is the most wonderful thing on four legs since Trinket. Mer name is Zenzi, and she is a purebred Keeshond. She loves to run around with other dogs in her backyard. She loves her kitty sisters, but they will only sort of tolerate her.
She loves everything living except for people under the age of 10 or so. Babies especially freak her out.

She is full of life and joy. She definitely lives up to her name, which means "to spring up, grow, thrive". She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. She has a great sense of humor too. She has about 50 dog toys around the house, but still prefers to make her own toys out of things she is not supposed to have. One of her favorite things to do is to sneak into our room, find the dirty clothes, and then grab a sock or undergarment and run.
This has led to several embarrassing events. My pest control guy now knows exactly what my underwear looks like because she took it upon herself to lead me on a high speed chase the
day he came over, waving them from her mouth like a victory banner.
She loves all foods that are eaten by humans. She will do anything for the all-powerful draw of a honey nut Cheerio.
She is the most beautiful dog I have ever owned, and is one of the best snuggle buddies you could ask for.

She is the only dog I have ever owned who didn't make me break out in hives from her spit and dander. She has become my best friend, aside from my husband, of course. Here's to Zenzi, my 'silly-pants':

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Kar said...

Hi Cristy, :) just wanted to stop by and say hello. How is Zenzi doing? She really is a beautiful little dog.