Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A New Experience

Hello, All! It has been a while since I have posted- I just realized that today when I happened upon an excellent topic for a new post. I used the toilet today, and had a new experience- my butt cheeks recieved a lovely sauna. Apparently one of the restrooms on my college campus can only get hot water. Not only hot water, but scaldingly hot water. Water so hot that about 1/8 of it comes out of the faucet as steam. So, when I sat down on the toilet to relieve myself, guess what temperature the water in the toilet bowl was? I don't know if your guess is right or not, because measuring the temperature in a toilet bowl is about the nastiest thing I could think to do with a thermometer, but it was a fun guessture at least. Anyway, my guess is somewhere just under the boiling point because as I sat there doing my business I could feel the steam caressing my buttocks in an appalling and unnatural way. I decided to quickly finish and just chalk it up to weird experiences never to repeat. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my new experience of the day, and may you have many new experiences yourselves!

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Kar said...


That actually sounds like, if they lowered the temperature to something less scalding, it could actually be nice--like you said, a sauna.

That's some weird plumbing, though.