Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to School, Back to school, To Show my dad that I'm no Fool!

In case anybody didn't recognize it, the title is a quote from Billy Madison. I love that movie....

Well, folks, it's back to school for me! I guess I got tired of staying and being babysat by my cats, because the spirit moved to go to a nearby college, chat with a couple of people that work there, and then give them money. So, now I am going back to school. Probably for the rest of my able-bodied years. Hopefully at some point I will become a teacher instead of a student.

Trinket has been on her diet for about a week now. A week and a half ago, David and I went out of town for his brother's wedding. They got married, everyone was happy, tra la la. We got home, I swung the door open, and we were greeted first by a laborous, deep throated meow, followed a couple minutes later by the most rotund thing called a trinket that I have ever seen. Her gelationous, enormous body rolled along in a different time zone than her head. She was winded by the time she got to the door. She managed to leap up onto to couch next to me after I sat down, but the effort was almost too much. She sprawled out next to me and started laboriously snoring. When David started referring to her as "Chub chubs", and I knew exactly who he was talking about without any further clarification, I decided it was time to downsize the Trinket's meal plans. There is no longer a limitless food supply always available to them. Gizmo has not been shy about clearly expressing her disgust and outrage for being punished for Trinket's overindulgence.

Trinket also has had a hard time with not always having a snack on hand. For once, she actually has to get off her lazy duff and do something to amuse herself rather than just grabbing a tasty treat. I told David that I thought Trinket was becoming an emotional eater. He laughed and Trinket looked up and to the side in indignation. Then she rolled off the couch. I guess gravity just gets the best of her sometimes.

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