Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baby News

Well folks, it's time for an update on the little baby we call Shayce. Especially since there have been vast changes since the last time I posted about her. She is now walking. Somewhat. She can take about ten steps and then fall. She can also bearcrawl. She's a very adept crawler. She can get anywhere in the house in less than 2 minutes. So if you're the babysitter and you have to use the bathroom you better pee quick.

She has also started talking somewhat. She can say "Hewwo", thank you "Day doo", Dada, Hi there "Hay dah", and sometimes when she falls down she says "Wohwohwoh". I was reading her one of her little books, and when we came to a picture of a cow, I said, "Look Shayce, a cow! Cow says Moo!" Then she said "Moo!" She's so cute!

She's also gotten to where she throws fits when you do something that she doesn't like, or when you don't let her do something that she wants to do. Even then she's cute.

Got to go. She just came over with a big "Hewwo!"

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